Go Go GO!

GO GO GO!……No wait….Slow Down.
After two days of lying around sick, I wake up on Monday morning with more energy and the promise of a beautiful sunny day. My first instinct is to make lists of everything that needs to get done today, which would also include everything I did not get done over the weekend due to illness.

Then, that small voice of self awareness perks up and says “In the past, you have made yourself sick again by over doing it. Is that really a good choice?”

The internal battle begins between my value of accomplishment and the reality of what I can really accomplish. I LOVE to get things done in a timely manner and just be done with it. Which for someone diagnosed with ADD is difficult at best and rarely happens. When it does happen, it feels great! I feel empowered. There are times however, when I can take that value too far. Like using the limited energy I have just recouped to try and accomplish too much in a short amount of time.

Knowing my value of accomplishment and my own history with it, good and bad, is helping me in the moment to make a conscious decision on how I want to spend my day.

Our values are often seen as strengths…as well they should be. AND being conscious of what and how we use those values can be a HUGE benefit as well.

Today, I am going to promise NOT to over do it. Which for me, IS an accomplishment!

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