As someone who has helped others write about themselves, it was quite frustrating when I drew a blank as it came to my own “About me” page. Lucky for me, I have a coach! Having my coach reflect back to me what she knows are true facts ……(in fact she said she had “Proof to back it up”) was eye opening.

Here is just a glimpse of what she said. “You get the job done. Whether in the business world or communicating in the coaching world. You have a passion to help people through self discovery and therefore help them to move forward.”

I LOVE having a coach. My coach has a coach and her coach has a coach! Obviously, we all believe in the power of coaching.

So here is a little about me:

I spent 7 years as an Advocate and Crisis Counselor for victims of sexual assault in Napa, California. What a gift to be part of the solutions as people who started out as victims, made the brave journey into survivor.

After moving to Southern Oregon, my husband and I opened two automotive repair shops and 12 years later, we are very proud to say that both shops are serving and giving back to our communities.

While growing our automotive shops, I joined an organization called BNI Business Network International. I loved the education and structure and of course, what it did for our businesses. Within 6 months of joining BNI, I was asked to take a leadership position as a Director and eventually Area Director. My role was to help grow the Southern Oregon area, and educated and mentor both members other directors. In 3.5 years, we went from 1 to 5 chapters in our little part of the state and I received two “Hall of Fame” awards for chapter growth.

It was my passion to help other businesses benefit from a system I knew worked. My favorite parts of my role as Area Director were facilitating group learning opportunities and the 1 to 1 conversations where I could really listen at a deeper level and therefore help members move forward.

Cue…Life Coaching. I love helping people get out of their own way and get into a life lived on purpose.

“Stuck” is a place we can get out of through self discovery and awareness. Overcoming my own trials and watching my family overcome major struggles has fueled my passion to encourage and walk alongside others. Life has taught me not to label people, and God has taught me to love all people. Every heart matters. I know that coaching can be a game changer. It can maximize circumstances and people. That is my passion. Someone once said to me “Lisa you can’t change the world.” I said “No, but I can try, one person at a time”

I believe God gives us all certain strengths and gifts to share with the world. He has brought me on a journey and given me the passion to use the gifts he has bestowed upon me.