365 Days Of Positive

Last year on January 2 or 3rd I had an epiphany. I was tired of seeing all the negative things being posted on facebook, heard on the news, printed in the paper and talked about at work and in social situations. I have always thought that a paper or news channel with only “Good News” would be a fun idea, but quite an undertaking. So, I decided to do what I could in my own little way and….#365daysofpositive was born.

I started looking for something positive every day. It could be anything, a joke, a flower, picture, something about my kids or even that the day was finally over and I was getting into my comfy bed. I decided I would do this for one year. I wanted to see what kind of a difference it made in my life…if any.

I am happy to say that I see and feel joy more often than I did in the past few years….maybe even ever. By making my #365day commitment public, I forced myself to look for something everyday that was positive. Even on some of my darkest days I found something to be thankful for. Now, I was in no way perfect on my #positive finds. Some days I forgot and others I just got lazy. I tried to make up for most of the missed days by adding in an extra positive for a few days, but I am sure I am still in a bit of a deficit.

The important thing is that I am happier because of my commitment to find the #positive in every day life. #365daysofpositive seems to have reached beyond me. I have been blessed to have people stop me around town to tell me how much they have loved my #positive posts. I have even had a few people in other countries tell me they appreciate #365daysofpositive. I am so grateful that people took the time to let me know it affected them in a positive way.

I want to point out however that I am not always happy. In fact, what I have found is that in order to feel that joy, I must also allow myself to feel sorrow and pain. Sometimes pain so deep, it felt like I would never come back. Rather then masking the pain, or burying it beneath work and general busyness, (a skill I have mastered) I took time to grieve, hurt or even get angry. I also took time out to pray more, thank God for what I do have and ask to be shown the lessons in my trials.

As 2014 comes to an end, so does my commitment to posting #365daysofpositive, but I will not stop looking the #positive everyday. It has made such a profound difference in my life that I would be crazy to stop now.

For 2015 I pan on looking for #blessings in disguise and creating a life based on the #values that God has placed in my heart.

May you find 2015 to be a year filled with #positive #blessings and much more.

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