What is Coaching?

Coaching is about possibilities! What are the things you have dreamed about, but felt like they were either out of reach or just didn’t know where to start?

It is about forward movement. Coaching is about taking a healthy person and walking along side them to help them to accomplish goals and dreams.

As a coach, I don’t always have the answers. I ask thought provoking questions to help you discover the answers yourself. I hold on to your dreams and remind you of them when life pulls you off track.

Coaching is for people who want to accomplish something, just want something to be different or are wondering what else life my hold for them. “A fulfilling life is a valued life. At its deepest level, fulfillment is about finding and experiencing a life of purpose and service. It is about reaching one’s full potential.” Co-Active Coaching.

After seven years as a Crisis Counselor/ Victim Advocate and 5 years as a business and marketing coach, I believe Life Coaching is the best overall approach to help clients reach their potential. As a Christian Life Coach we work together to discover Gods will for your life and work.